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X-Men Stills

An X-Men Icon Challenge Community

X-Men Icon Challenge
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Welcome to X-Men Stills!
Welcome to x_men_stills, an icon challenge community for fans of the X-Men films. If you have any questions feel free to ask me (Beck) or any of the co-mods. If you have any challenge suggestions by all means let us know! Before you join, be sure to read the rules so that there won't be any mishaps, but if you do make a mistake we won't vaporize you the first time ;) Feel free to grab a PROMO BANNER and promote the community!

Thanks to quebelly for coming up with the whole stillness idea!

· FOUNDER: dark_x_huntress (retired)
· MODS: iconfluence, jordannamorgan APPLY?
· BANNER MAKERS: littlesarahlost, fragilecat, jordannamorgan, iconfluence, dark_x_huntress APPLY?

Regular Challenge: Use the image(s) posted with the challenge (Mondays) and design ORIGINAL icons, using brushes, text, textures, gradients and so on. No other images will be allowed unless otherwise stated.
Bonus/Theme Challenge: Create ORIGINAL icons with the images (if given), subject, or theme using brushes, text, textures, and gradients.
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